18 JULY 2024

Championing Empowerment:

 Honouring Visionaries, Inspiring Progress

“Events like Top Empowerment Conference are crucial around how to improve transformation.”

1. Differentiate your business from your competitors.

2. Gain prestige and recognition from peers.

3. Entrench your brand on a leadership platform.

4. Highly valuable PR and media exposure through multi-channel marketing.

5. Celebrate your achievements.

6. Raise your profile to attract investors and key stakeholders and customers.

7. Attract and retain top talent in Africa.

8. Measure your performance against Africa’s best.

9. Network with fellow business individuals.

Do Business with Corporate South Africa NOW!

Position your Brand

Engage For Success

Build Your Community

Align yourself and your business with other brands and organisation supporting similar initiatives. Stand out as a thought leader in your industry.

Collaborations with other award winners and guests, liaising with potential new partners, together with new tips and tricks that are actionable right away!

Get the opportunity to talk to banks, DTI and other funding and grant organisations, find out how Top Entrepreneurs are acing it.

Invest in your Potential

Grow Your Brand 

Financial Support

This is your chance to be mentored by the best of the best in the industry, CEO's, Academics and entrepreneurs

Connect with experts and industry peers, meet the people who assign budgets in multiple sectors, and talk to future clients.

Showcase Your Achievements In Front of Corporate South Africa

Top Empowerment Awards 2024

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Busisiwe Sithole:
Group Head: Transformation, Diversity & Inclusion at Absa Group

Personal & business branding is driving business growth. Learn from the best in the business, how to get invited to meetings and get a seat at the main table.

9 Benefits of Entering the Awards:

9 Benefits of Entering the Awards:

Take your business to the next level.

The Top Empowerment Awards have showcased the businesses leading in transformation over the past 19 years, acting as a source of inspiration for South Africa’s business elite. 

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18 JULY 2024